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The first Russian Smartphone YotaPhone has been presented to Dmitry Medvedev

04 December 2013

On December 4th, the head of Rostech, Sergey Chemezov handed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's new Smartphone with two screens – YotaPhone by the YotaDevices company.
The Russian two screen Smartphone is unique worldwide and is manufactured using five patented Russian innovations.



YotaPhone consists of a Smartphone with support for 4G. The stand out feature of the device is the presence of 4.3 inch screens on both sides: the first is a colour touch screen having the resolution of 720 by 1280, the second is black and white and is made by technology of electronic ink (E-ink). The whole information flow, according to the user's wishes, is displayed on the black and white screen, this screen never turns off and shows important information, even if the phone is fully discharged. As suggested by the developers of the Smartphone, the black and white screen is able to operate for 50 hours in reading mode.
The operating system uses the latest version of GoogleAndroid.

YotaPhone will go on sale in Russia from mid-December, as well as in retail chains in Germany and in online stores in Austria, Germany, France and Spain.

"At the moment we can't speculate on encroaching into a large share of the international Smartphone market just yet, but we believe that this is the beginning of YotaPhone becoming a major competitive force", - Vladislav Martynov, CEO of Yota Devices, quoted by TASS-Telekom.

"The cost of YotaPhone in Russia amounts to 19,990 roubles, and in EMEA regions, 499 Euro", – states the company's website.


Source: RBC Daily 4.12.2013


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