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US Ambassador Michael McFaul, “I have been to Innoprom”

12 November 2012


This year, ex-adviser to Obama and US Ambassador Michael McFaul, a diplomat by trade, not by education, has visited Russia’s main industrial exhibition for the first time.

“When I was at Innoprom, they discussed Silicon Valley extensively. Everyone believes that it is a very useful, important endeavor. I agree...,” says Mr. McFaul in his interview to the publication ‘Aviaterminal.’

“Previously, I was there in 1995 as a scientist. Much has changed since then. The economic growth here is tremendous. I read about it, but seeing it is by far more impressive. There is a lot of potential here in terms of science and industry. Science is vital. Why does Silicon Valley exist? Because the heart of this valley is StanfordUniversity. You have similar institutions. In that sense, your prospects are great. I am happy to have visited Innoprom.”



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