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INNOPROM-2014 «Premiere» has won the award of the Russian Government

04 March 2015

The creators of MIM-340 nanometer-resolution microscope – which was first unveiled to the public at the INNOPROM-2014 International Industrial Trade Fair – has been awarded a prize by the Russian Government in the sphere of science and technology.

According to Press Service of Shvabe Holding (a division of RosTec) this top-level award was given to the creative team, involved in development and production of this interference-modulation microscope, and who additionally took part in setting up a measurement and information centre, which is based on the microscope's technology.
“We're delighted that the worth of our invention has been recognized by the scientific community and the government of the country”, said Sergey Maksin, Director General of Shvabe Holding.

MIM-340 microscope is an innovative solution, based on interference modulation microscopy – with a resolution up to 0.1 nm in the vertical (axis Z) and up to 10 nm in XY plane.
Maksin went on to say that the microscope has many medical applications of great value. It can be used to assess the effect of different medicines on the human body, to visualize the blood cells in order to detect pathological states in the red cells, to activate T-lymphocytes (in relation to transplantology and pharmacology), and to identify the structure of tumor cells. Further applications of MIM-340 microscope lie in the sphere of resolving the problems of optical and semiconductor industry.


We take the opportunity of reminding you that further series of Russian and international innovations in field of manufacturing, science and technology will be presented at INNOPROM-2015!


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