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INNOFilms 2012 Award

11 July 2012

The INNOFilms 2012 Award has a few objectives: we present innovative Products, Companies, and Projects. On the other hand, we build a new platform for development of innovations in producing promo content that can be most fruitful for businesses in the future.

Nominations of the project:

  • INNOFILMS GRAND PRIX / Grand Prize of the Award
  • THE FAST BRAND / The most memorable innovative video
  • HUMAN CAPITAL / For efficiency of investments in a film that develops the humane potential of employees.
  • INNOPROM OPEN / Independent award from TV networks viewers and visitors of the website, guests of INNOPROM
  • Special Award from the Expo-2020 Application Committee/ For promoting the image of Russia, the Urals, and Ekaterinburg as a territory where innovations serve man and develop man, and as a place of man’s evolution

Sverdlovsk Film Studios is the initiator and organizer of the project. The competent jury of the invitees will cast a secret vote and determine the winners.

The results of the vote will be announced at the Award Presentation Ceremony at INNOPROM’s exhibition area (Sverdlovsk Region STAND)

Awards will be presented: JULY 12, 2012, 05.00-06.00 p.m.

The participants’ video will be posted on the official Internet channel of the Award, on INNOPROM’s site, and www.youtube.com. The content will be broadcast at the exhibition’s area. 


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