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Presentation of the fourth bolide of “FS-MAMI” will be represented at the exhibition “INNOPROM-2011”

29 October 2010

Last week the General Manager of “INNOPROM-2011” Kira Ptanskaya had a meeting with the project leader “Formula student MAMI” Vladimir Timonin in order to discuss the following cooperation and participation terms in “INNOPROM-2011”.

“Formula Student MAMI” is a project Moscow State Technical University “MAMI” created under the international programme Formula SAE, the largest engineering and sport competition among students of automobile construction qualifications.

“Formula SAE represents a unique educational project that allows a young engineer to pass all the stages of engineering and manufacturing that exist at the automobile enterprise” – explains Vladimir Timonin, - actually this project is a model of automobile industry where students get enormous practical experience that complement the educational process.

At the meeting Mr. Timonin narrated that the project “FS-MAMI” was created in 2007. The main idea was to give the students opportunity to gain real experience in automobile manufacturing and experience of working in a modern automobile company. At first there were only 4 team members and the team didn’t have any financial resources, premises and equipment. However, thanks to enthusiasm of the project participants the first bolide was ready within year and a half without any support of professional engineers and sponsors. Nevertheless, in 2008 the team came through to the final in the championship “Formula Student”.

According to the words of Vladimir Timonin “FS-MAMI” today is Russian top formula team with distinct division of labour, management system and significant sponsor support. At the meeting the students demonstrated and described in detail their new bolide of season 2010 Iguana Evo2. The construction is based on the improved space frame and engine equipped with intake and outtake system designed for taking part in competitions. Innovative construction of the bolide’s suspension which was first implemented by MAMI team on the automobile of the season 2009, was substantially modified, showed working capacity on the route and proved prospects of development.

“At present the team also has ambitious goals: firstly, we intend to achieve good results at international competitions, as the team will represent not only the university, but the Russian Federation.Therefore the project of the fourth bolide that will have more speed and high-powered characteristicsis being worked out at present. Another task that is not less important is extension of relationship with sponsors who are potential employers of the team graduators” – explained Mr. Timonin.

On the morrow of the meeting the General Manader of “INNOPROM-2011” Kira Ptanskaya and Leader of the project “FS-MAMI” reached some agreements on future collaboration and promoting the project “FS-MAMI” at “INNOPROM-2011”. “INNOPROM” will become a stage for development of that youth innovation, for investor search and establishing business links.  

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