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10 July 2014

Russia's new cutting-edge tramcar, the R-1 (Russia One), was given its ceremonial public launch at the INNOPROM-2014 Industrial Show in Ekaterinburg on 9th July.

Behind its gleaming looks and advanced technology is the Urals Wagon-Building Plant – who created the R1 prototype at the Urals Transport Engineering Plant (UralTransMash), uniting sturdy proven Russian transport technology with sleek modern lines and functionality. Against the background of a renaissance of eco-friendly tram travel in modern cities, the design team has seized the initiative – to produce the last word in transport technology for a new era. The developers at UralTransMash factored in current urban mass-transportation trends to design a vehicle that will remain ahead of the game for at least 10-15 years, even given the fast-moving demand for top-level city transport infrastructure.

The Russia One tramcar symbolizes a new standard of living in urban environments. Its internal configuration is flexible, and can be adapted according to specific routes and urban conditions. Built from the latest composite materials, the R-1 needs little maintenance to ensure its reliability and good looks. The optimized set-up of the R-1 should lessen traffic and cut road-jams in city-centre areas.

The exterior styling of the R-1 was created by Alexei Maslo, Chief Designer at OKB-Atom, and lead personnel from the company will be overseeing every step of the production – making sure that production models don't differ from the designer's blueprint by more than 10% overall. That’s an almost insignificant factor against a world background, in which superb designs are frequently compromised at a technical level when they go into commercial production.

“On July 10th, within the context of the Innoprom Trade Fair in Ekaterinburg, we'll be signing the contract that will usher in a Joint Venture for production of the R-1 in Russia” said the General Director of UralTransMash.

The Urals Wagon-Building Plant Scientific Production Corporation is a Russian company that designs and manufactures military hardware, road-building machinery, and railway wagons. The corporation incorporates scientific research bureaus, the design bureau, and the manufacturing units. The central headquarters of the Urals Wagon-Building Plant are located in the city of Nizhny Tagil, in Sverdlovsk Region. The Russian State holds a 100% shareholding in the corporation. The factory manufacturing base covers an area of 827 thousand square metres.

The Urals Transport Engineering Plant (UralTransMash) is a Russian factory producing military technical equipment, along with tramcars from tramway systems, pumping equipment, and railway hardware manufacture. It's the only factory in Russia which produces self-propelled artillery ordnance. The plant is located in Ekaterinburg, where it is a part of the State Scientific Production Corporation “Urals Wagon-Building Plant”. Urals Wagon-Building Plant holds a controlling stake of 86.808% of the shares of UralTransMash.


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