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Direct speech: INDUSTRY 4U participants speak about the project

25 June 2013

Jean-Louis Stasi, Artemiy Kyzlasov and Viktor Olyunin comment their participation in the project Industry For You and share their opinion on the future of industry in Russia

In recent years, the issue of dialogue between business and educational system has become more acute. The leading Russian companies prefer to “grow” their employees for their particular needs and actively interact with the best educational institutions. This situation is reflected unusually brightly in the companies that need specialists with high-quality technical education.
Project INDUSTRY 4U is aimed at encouraging of young generation to work in the sphere of production and high technologies. INDUSTRY 4U unites young people choosing the direction of their professional development, leading industrialists and representatives of educational system.
The participants of the forthcoming INDUSTRY 4U that will take place in Ekaterinburg from 11 to 14 July within the framework of the main industrial exhibition of Russia INNOPROM told why country and business need such projects.

President of Schneider Electric in Russia and Senior Vice-President for CIS countries Jean-Louis Stasi:
“Schneider Electric manages energy, and Russia is one of the largest suppliers of energy in the world, so we are confident: here we will get a wide field for activities within many years. In order to continue developing here we need good specialists, strong engineers, IT-specialists, economists, financiers and marketing specialists  —  for us it is one of the most important motives for collaboration with institutes of higher education. Schneider Electric considers interaction with universities as one of the main factors of its successful work in Russia and CIS countries. Today we cooperate with 21 institute of higher education and we hope that the result of such project as INDUSTRY 4U will be agreements and new partner programs with educational institutions”.

Director General of OJSC “SEZ “Titanium Valley” Artemiy Kyzlasov:
“Recently, management of the country pays great attention to the problems of education and investments to human capital. Today Management Company of “SEZ “Titanium Valley” predicts possible needs in human resources in future: we are interested in formation of new generation – SEZ employees really needed for production of our residents. In the educational project INDUSTRY 4U we will try to build active dialogue, will introduce SEZ project to youth, will tell about the abilities and those professions that will be needed within the nearest several years.”

HR Director of UMMC Company Viktor Olyunin:
“Today UMMC organizations employ more than 80 thousand people, and we would like our enterprises to be refilled by active young people that are mobile, active, that quickly digest information and are capable to resolve non-standard and creative tasks in any directions. Within the framework of cooperation with the Ural Federal University we create corporate Technical University, and it is one more direction that may be interesting for youth willing to get modern professions of high demand.  Investments to study are always repaid”.


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