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Development and innovation. Case-study: Austria

11 July 2011

The programme of the presentation "Access to R & D and Innovation. Case-study: Austria"

July 16, 2011, 09:00 – 11:00, Forum Room 1


Members of official delegation of Austria will present macroeconomical  statistics in Austria, the role of Research and Development, the dynamics of market development in R&D and innovation sector, the role and tasks of ABA Austrian Business Agency in Russia; as well as information on business growth in Austria, tax benefits, simplicity of start-up businesses and holding companies for R&D in Austria. Innovation technologies with example of federal state of Carinthia. Furthermore, information will follow on private banking possibilities  in Austria.

Members and discussion topics of the official delegation:

1. Peter Loeschl, CEE Director, ABA Austrian Business Agency

- Macroeconomic Factors in Austria and relevance for Research and Development

- Market Dynamic in view of R&D

- The role of ABA and its tasks for Russian Enterprises

2. Franz Schweiger, CEO, BF Consulting

- Taxes in Austria

- Establishing a company, start-up business in Austria

- Holding as a Vehicle for Access to R&D in Austria

3. Sabrina Schuetz- Oberlaender, Managing Director, EAK

- Case Study Carinthia 

- Innovation „made in Carinthia“

4. Dietmar Handlbichler, Managing Director, Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Austria) AG

- Private Banking

- Sevices of LLB in Vienna

5. Konstantin Slizov, Law Firm, "Slizov & Partners"

- The View of "Slizov & Partners"

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