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Results from the first session of the INNOPROM-2011 Expert Council

15 December 2010

The first meeting of the INNOPROM-11 Expert Council took place on 15 December, with Andrei Sharonov as chairman.

Bulat Stolyarov, IRP Group General Director and INNOPROM Forum Programme Director, presented his vision for the planned exhibition and forum, as well as alternative programme solutions, to the Expert Council members.

Among the INNOPROM development strategies considered at the meeting, the most interesting was the one positioning the exhibition and forum as kind of an exchange for trading in innovative solutions.

The participants agreed that the INNOPROM-2011 programme and exhibition strategies should focus on industries in need of innovation. This approach will help organise INNOPROM as a demand exchange, which could be balanced with a supply exchange.

The Expert Council meeting was attended by:
Georgy Belozerov, President of the Association of the Presidential Programme Graduates;
Igor Gladkikh, Coordinating Director of the Russian Venture Fair;
Sergei Zhuravlev, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council of Expert Group’s project Russian House of the Future;
Maxim Zverkov, President of Formika and Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council;
Vadim Kulikov, Head of the Kulikov Innovation Centre;
Dan Medovnikov, Head of the Expert Innovation Bureau;
Vitaly Nedelsky, First Deputy Economy Minister of the Sverdlovsk region;
Albina Nikkonen, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Direct and Venture Investing;
Bulat Stolyarov, General Director of IRP Group, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council and Programme Director of INNOPROM-2011 Forum;
Sergei Khaprov, General Director of ASTAROSSA LLC.

At its next meeting, scheduled for February 2011, the Expert Council will focus on developing the INNOPROM-2011 forum programme and exhibition solutions.

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