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“Sibur” started production of polypropylene

15 October 2013

Russian petrochemical holding opened the largest polypropylene production in Russia.

“Sibur Holding” has launched the largest Russian production of polypropylene, which is used for the production of films, valves, pipes, etc. in Tobolsk. The holding invested into project about 60 billion rubles. At the opening ceremony the president Vladimir Putin promised to make the usage of modern polymeric materials obligatory.

“Tobolsk-polymer” complex capacity will account for 500,000 tons of polypropylene per year. The company is located in close proximity to another operational production of “Sibur” - the company “Tobolsk-Neftehim”, which will supply raw materials - more than 600,000 tons of propane (it is made from the refinement products of associated natural gas, that “Sibur” buys from oilers) per year. By cost per ton of produced polypropylene “Tobolsk-Polymer” gets to 10% of the world's most efficient facilities. The first pile in the foundation of the future complex was filled in spring 2010. The construction was carried out in standard terms for the world practice.
Commissioning of “Tobolsk-Polymer” will contribute to solution of an important problem of import substitution, says “Sibur”. Nowadays Russian polypropylene market is unprofitable. In 2012, its production in Russia exceeded 660,000 tons, while demand has exceeded 880,000 tons. Average per capita consumption of polypropylene in Russia is 6 kg / person., while in Eastern Europe - about 14 kg / person., in west Europe - 18 kg / person., in the United States - 17 kg / person. According to the forecast of IHS Chemical, polypropylene consumption in Russia will grow by an average of 4.2% a year until 2020, as “Sibur” expects. The company believes that after the commissioning of the new complex Russia will turn from an importer to an exporter of basic grades of polypropylene.
Investment in the creation of a complex made up of about 60 billion rubles. Construction was carried out with the use of both “Sibur” own funds, and project financing, the senior lender of which was VEB with funding from major international commercial and development banks.

Minister of Industry Denis Manturov already informed that for the introduction of polymers Ministry of Industry and Trade has moved a draft of a new law on standardization, which provides possibility of introduction of mandatory standards. “It will oblige organizations in different sectors of the economy, especially in providing procurement, to use modern production of polymers”, - explained Manturov (quoted from “Interfax”). Besides Minpromtorg proposes to introduce tax holidays for payback period for small businesses, that will process polymers. “We need to ensure that these measures are implemented. Because as long as there is no charge to use certain technologies, certain materials and everything, we will do everything in the same old way ", - said Putin.


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