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Sverdlovsk Region social projects presented to the People’s Front

16 July 2011

Vladimir Vlasov, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Sverdlovsk Region, Minister of Social Protection for Sverdlovsk Region, took part in the “Social Policy” workshop held 16 July within the framework of the Innoprom Forum. The workshop was charged with discussing progressive social projects set for submission to the people’s program of the Central Urals. According to Vladimir Vlasov, all of the presented projects had undergone a rigorous selection process by qualified experts.

The “Affordable Medication” project aims to ensure that the region’s inhabitants and people throughout Russia have access to affordable, domestically-produced medicine that complies with international quality standards. Enterprises operating within the pharmaceutical cluster produce domestically-manufactured insulin, antiviral medication, hemodialysis products and dialysis equipment.

The “Innovative Pediatric-Healthcare Technology” project creates a system for the comprehensive support of a pregnant woman and her entire family, from the first days of fetal development to the child’s first independent steps into the wider world, which is particularly important for children born with serious health problems. The unique technologies developed at the Bonum Research Center can be replicated throughout the region and eventually – throughout the country. Professor Olga Kovtun, MD, Deputy Provost of the Urals Medical Academy, is convinced that “children’s health is Russia’s invaluable capital.”

The “Gentle Paths” volunteer movement suggests creating a Web Center to render assistance to children in distress. The project aims to address three main challenges: preventing child abandonment, creating a school for adoptive parents, and lending support to older children upon their release from orphanages. “The project centers around the concept that social problems can be solved by harnessing a volunteer web-resource rallied via the Internet, social networks, forums, portals, search engines, blogs, etc. With the support of professional experts, targeted web work creates opportunities to involve partners, supporters, and even private investors,” says Movement Project Director Valery Basai. Over the past two years of operation, the movement has united 276,000 people, who have donated funds to support disadvantaged families and orphans. Thanks to the movement, fifteen hundred volunteers have joined forces on the Internet. Valery Basai predicts that this number will top 10,200 by the end of the year.

The “Join the Winners’ Circle” project is presenting its program: “Special Olympics – Urals Version.” Sport and adaptive athletics combine to form a powerful and effective tool for the social rehabilitation and integration of children facing psychological and developmental challenges. The project offers the promise of improving quality of life by directing childhood development towards healthy social interaction. A bright illustration of the project’s success was the sight of athletes from the Urals bringing 45 medals home from the Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011, held recently in Greece.

The “Open World. Golden Time” project, presented by the Minister of Social Protection for Sverdlovsk Region, aims to address the issue of overcoming the social isolation of the elderly by creating an environment in which they can continue to lead active lives. The project will promote the strengthening of inter-generational ties and tap into the rich life experience of the older generation.

The “Virtual Concert Hall” project strives to ensure that each and every resident of Sverdlovsk Region – even those living in its farthest-flung corners – have access to classical music. The Virtual Concert Hall’s website serves as the main access point for “Philharmonic Meeting” members to enjoy concert repertoire. Concerts are broadcast to municipal libraries throughout the region. Since the beginning of the year, more than 3,000 classical music aficionados have visited 146 “virtual” concerts.

The “Russian Chusovaya” project aims to create a framework for the construction of an ethnic-culture park in the Chusovaya River basin replicating the spirit and style motifs of the 18th Century (Demidov Era). The project envisages monuments to the mining-and-metallurgy age springing up in the place of bygone piers along the riverbanks. Plans call for the reconstruction of stylized piers along the Chusovaya, along with locks, waterwheels, harbors, canals, forts, mines and quarries, and monuments to the heroes of Chusovaya civilization – raftsmen, bargemen, and the explorers and first settlers of the Urals and Siberia. The creation of an integrated tourist complex on the basis of public-private partnership is destined to become a unifying historical-cultural project of tremendous importance to most Russian lands.

The uniqueness of the “Urals – Land of the Healthy” project lies in the fact that it is young people – volunteer school pupils – who initiate the creation of the land of the healthy.

All of the proposed projects are capable of being replicated throughout the region and beyond.

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