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Students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University developed a remote presence robot - the Webot

28 October 2013

Students of Bauman Moscow State Technical University set the Wicron company and developed a remote presence robot - the Webot.

Webot allows a person using a computer and the Internet, to remotely observe what is happening, talk to people, see the world around, move with the speed of a walking human.

The possibilities of using the robot

1. Remote consulting in a shopping centre. Help visitors in search of goods.
2. Supervising. Monitoring: the discipline of employees, attendance of workplaces, communication with employees.
3. Remote superiors. Now the director can always attend meetings, watch employees interacting with the guests due to "remote presence".
4. Remote visiting exhibitions and museums. Not flying across the globe to visit a museum or an exhibition in Paris, St. Petersburg, New York, London, Sydney, Moscow, etc. Now everyone will be able to using the robot.
5. "The robotic greeter." In addition to the use of audio and video features on the surface of the robot, brands and logos of advertising organizations can be applied as well.
6. Merchandising. Checking of the correctness in displaying products, its completed set-up, the order at the point of sale, compliance of floor layout and other organizational matters.

Already, two of the Wicron robots work at the Central House of Artists on Krypton Val.


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