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The Sverdlovsk Oblast and Innoprom-2011 will contribute to the development of the ASI

14 July 2011

Innoprom-2011 will help in selecting the mechanisms for supporting medium sized entrepreneurship and set the priorities for the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for the next few years. Andrei Belousov, the Director of the Department for Economics of the Russian Government, made a statement about this on 14th of July.

According to him the first stage of the selection of best projects for the ASI is now in its final phase. The Agency’s Steering committee reviewed almost a thousand proposals which were thoroughly examined and entered into a special rating register. “200 people came to Ekaterinburg today to be able to set the key priorities, functions, formats, and methods of the ASI's work at the Innoprom site.

Several round tables will be conducted today within the “ASI Day” at Innoprom in order to discuss the measures for the support of medium sized business. Andrei Belousov stressed that the suggestions developed by the participants of the round tables will definitekly be taken directly to the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who on 27 of July will be meeting with the ASI’s Expert Council and make the final decision regarding the support of the projects and the candidate for the position of the Director General of this body. “ASI is a large scale project aiming to involve a broad range of participants; it is not by accident that it is happening here, in the Sverdlovsk Oblast, many proposals came from here” he explained.

Alexander Misharin expressed his agreement. “Why was the Sverdlovsk Oblast chosen as the site to hold the ASI conference? We are in the lead in terms of submitting projects to the Agency. Out of the first four submitted projects three were from Ekaterinburg. This level of activity is not an accident – we have created an infrastructure hub here, perfected the interaction between small businesses and authorities, we set the goal to implement innovative technologies and develop innovative production operations. The projects submitted are the first results of this work” the Governor pointed out.

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