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Game Changer Technologies: What Innovations to Stake On?

04 July 2012

Today’s technological trends may appear long-term, but any trend is finite in nature, and sooner or later it can change abruptly. Trends change due to game changer technologies that are technologies changing the game rules. The ability to forecast them presents incredible investment opportunities. 

Participants of the round table that will be held during the International Forum INNOPROM on July 13 will present their project “Technologies of the Future” detailing 5 potential technologies in key sectors of the economy. They will analyze the technological sustainability index and discuss the possibility of using this information for development of economy diversification strategies aimed at maximizing added value in manufacturing value chains.

The round table will be attended by

  • Alexander van de Putte, Senior Director, Head of Scenario Processes and Applications, PFC Energy International, Belgium; Professor of Strategic Foresight at IE Business School, Co-Director of Graduate Institute (Geneva, Switzerland) and US National Intelligence Council Associate;
  • David Gates, Senior Adviser to the Markets and Country Strategy group, PFC Energy International, Expert of Graduate Institute;
  • Sabit Sukhanov, Industrial Policy Department Director of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan;
  • Sergey Kadochnikov, Director of the Higher School of Economics and Management of the Ural Federal University;
  • Andrey Shcherbenok, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom), Associate Professor of Saint Petersburg State University and Council on International Education Exchanges (CIEE).  


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