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Tesla Motors will develop a 90% self-guided vehicle by 2016

22 October 2013

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of the American automobile company start-up based out of Silicon Valley, Tesla Motors, has pledged to present a robotic car in just three years.

The self-guided vehicle will allow for self-directed movement for up to 90% of its route, transferring control to the driver only in the most challenging traffic situations.

"It is with great regret to have to say that with the current level of technology, it is virtually impossible to implement a fully autonomous robotic vehicle that will be able to perform movements in autonomous mode at 100 percent. Now it's possible to get to the 90 percent level of automation of movements, to achieve anything higher will bring unjustified complexity and increased cost to the robotic car", - claims Elon Musk, - "Getting the 95-97 percent level of automation of a vehicle is an incredibly difficult task, which is only on the shoulders of such giants as Google". In turn, the head of the project to create a Google self-directed vehicle, Anthony Lewandowski, has said that Google unmanned aerial vehicles could hit the market within five years.

But with significant complexity in terms of the robotic car management system, a lot of problems associated with inaccuracies and errors of the system are prevalent. "A person close to the works of Google on the creation of robotic cars, says that, despite the apparent success of the program, Google has a lot of troubles related to lawsuits in cases which deal with traffic accidents and other incidents, in which the robotic cars were involved in", - says Elon Musk, explaining his view. "Therefore, we are not trying to grasp this immensity, Tesla Motors are striving to obtain a 90 percent level of automation in the robotic car, and the level of 100 per cent is only an extremely distant goal for us to which I hope we will someday reach".

In January of this year in Las Vegas, the Toyota Motor company, one of the investors in Tesla, displayed a test of a self-guided vehicle equipped with light radar, radar, cameras and sensors.

"Autopilot is a good thing to have in planes, and we should have it in cars, "- said Musk in an interview with Bloomberg.


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