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09 July 2014

9th July, Ekaterinburg – The Communications Venue of INNOPROM – the Global Investment Lounge – had its ceremonial opening at the Innoprom international industry trade fair.

The managers of this venue will be involved in holding business discussions during the fair, aimed towards the needs and interests of the fair's exhibitors. In 2013, when the Global Investment Lounge first ran, the venue played host to more than 200 business-related events. In the plans for 2014 the number of such events is set to double, which is an indicator of the level of interest in this kind of meeting format.

This year the Global Investment Lounge has invited a number of foreign business representatives. This underscores the international status of the venue, and the high level of events which it hosts.

The Mexican Ambassador, Señor Ruben Beltran, thanked the organizer of the event in his Speech of Welcome, and noted the strong interest Mexico has in economic collaboration with Russia. He repeated how valuable it was to have such an event as INNOPROM, at which business interests could be discussed and taken forward.

Mr Jozef Migas, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Russia, said that INNOPROM is of great interest for him - because without the development of the industry it is impossible to modernize the economy, infrastructure or many spheres of public life. “It is my firm hope that this venue will become the meeting-place for Russian and Slovak business leaders, where they can sign their deals and get real results from them – it's the main reason for holding this kind of event”, the Ambassador asserted.

The South African Ambassador to Russia, Mr Mandisi Bongani Mabuto Mphakhula expressed his opinion, that the future of Russia lies in its Regions. This was a further reason why South Africa hoped to expand its presence in the Russian Regions, hoping for still closer economic ties with Russia and its industrial sector.
Herr Tadzio Schilling, the Deputy Head of the Trade, Finance & Science section of the Swiss Embassy in Russia, formally opened the Global Investment Lounge. He said that Switzerland is one of the world's leading countries in the sphere of innovation, and had a continuous interest in the development of industry. He further noted that Russia has long held a priority position in Swiss economic affairs.


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