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Vladimir Putin has proposed China become a partner country of INNOPROM in 2015

20 May 2014

Vladimir Putin is on an official visit to China in Shanghai.

During the negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the President of China, Xi Jinping, the leaders discussed bilateral relations and the international issues of the day.

"Russia and China, by increasing trade turnover, intend to change trade and economic relations for the better", - noted Russian President Vladimir Putin.
He noted that "our countries have taken a great step forward together by entering a new historical milestone - a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership ... China is firmly established as our major trading partner across various platforms".

The Russian President recalled that, in 2013, the trade turnover increased by almost 2% and was close to the 90 billion dollar mark.

"The positive tendency persists, and the first quarter of 2014 seen an increase of more than 2%" noted Putin. "If we sustain this rate, by 2015, the level of bilateral trade will reach 100 billion dollars and will surely increase further".

"At the same time, we expect that the growth of quantitative indicators will be followed by qualitative changes in trade and economic relations, an increase in investment cooperation is necessary for this. The achievement of this objective will be under the spectrum in terms of this summer's “First Russia-China EXPO” in Harbin".

In adition, Vladimir Putin invited China to become a partner country of the "INNOPROM" major international industrial exhibition in 2015. According to Putin, "In order to improve the structure of bilateral trade, the focus should be put on high-technology areas such as civil aviation, space, nuclear energy".
On his part, Xi Jinping said that "the further development of the Russian-Chinese comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, founded on common grounds, dictated by the need to promote fairness and equality in the world and ensure peace on our planet, the need for the implementation of the common prosperity of China and Russia, is the inevitable step stemming from the formation process of a multipolar world".




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