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Vladimir Putin is confident that it is important to create the right image of a businessman

14 July 2011


A vivid discussion was held during the work of the round table panel “Old problems – New solutions”, which took place on July 14 at “Innoprom-2011” and became one of the floors for the discussion of the mechanisms of SME support and the definition of priorities in the work of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for next few years.

The participants of the “round table” under the leadership of the moderator – the chief editor of Expert magazine Valery Fadejev discussed the problems of communication between business, the authorities and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Because of the time limit not everybody could speak, as there were a lot more people wishing to share their understanding of the problem and offer possible solutions. However before the beginning of the videoconference with the Prime Minister of the RF Vladimir Putin the participants managed to put together an impressive list of proposals for the consideration b y the Expert Council of ASI, the meeting of which will take place in Moscow on July 27.

It was suggested that the main functions of ASI must be the identification of the most exciting projects, their systematization, centralization, information, economic and legal support. The entrepreneurs – members of the “Round table” panel who came to the capital of the Middle Ural from all over the country, placed a lot of hope on the ASI as the powerful administrative system capable of providing real help and support to the promising projects of mid size business, which in its turn must become a lever for the modernization of economy.

The “round table” moderator Valery Fadejev in his presentation mentioned that ASI must first of all become a project management tool, and that for its efficient performance it is necessary to have a well organized communication environment. “It will be necessary to set up several work groups which would supervise various sectors and projects. In addition today a proposal was made about the need to have a supervisor, or the “communications officer” for regulating relationships between the members of business community and various structures of the administration. It is also necessary to search for the best projects and make them known to the nation: to authorities, business, society. This will allow in addition to raising the image of the image of the profession attracting to the business of new, energetic and people with new ideas. Therefore the communication with society should receive a particular attention in the work ASI”, - mentioned Valery Fadejev.

Vladimir Putin emphasized that it was very important to create an image of entrepreneur as an enterprising, energetic person rendering a positive effect on the development of state, a person who helped people to live decently, have a good salary, build families, bring up children.

The Head of the Government thanked the participants of the discussion for their fruitful work and asked them to pay a particular attention to the issue of “creating a market for the project’s deliverables”. “This is a very important component of success”, - mentioned Vladimir Putin.

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