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Authorities Seeking Ways to Enforce Energy Efficiency in Industrial Sector

26 November 2012

Russian companies invest into energy-saving only if there is a prospect of economic gain; there are no external incentives for them to enhance the environmental friendliness of their manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, according to McKenzie estimates, if by 2020 companies of the Russian fuel-energy complex invest 20 billion Euros into energy-saving, they could save 60 billion by 2030. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), if Russia increases the energy efficiency of its economy to the level of the OECD countries, it will be able to reduce the annual consumption of all types of energy by a third. The volume of saved energy is almost equal to the annual energy consumption of Great Britain. Specialists of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation state that Minenergo plans on developing a program for stimulating energy efficiency in the industrial sector. The program will provide for “enforcement measures,” including shutting down of enterprises.

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