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R172 billion worth of agreements have been signed at “Innoprom-2011”

15 July 2011

 Financial results of two days of the work of the second International Ural Exhibition “Innoprom” four times exceeded the 2010 performance. This information was given by the Governor Alexander Misharin at the July 15 press-conference.

“This year the exhibition and the forum are held in a dedicated exhibition center with the total floor area over 50 thousand square meters, 12 thousand of which is occupied by the exhibits. Already during the first days 7 thousand people, over 400 companies and delegations from 30 countries participated in the work of the exhibition. We’ve created a floor for the discussion of the innovative development of the nation”, said the Governor.

He added that the exhibition has already generated a significant economic effect. “29 agreements have been signed to the total value R172 billion – this is 4 times more, than during the whole period of the previous exhibition. Well, what is 172 billion? The volume of investment into the Sverdlovsk Oblast economy last year was about R200 million”, said Alexander Misharin.

The Head of the region emphasized that at “Innoprom-2011” very important agreements were signed. These included the agreement with the company Enel OGK-5 on modernization of the Reftinskaya GRES equipment, and the agreements on aviation and small scale power generation. “We’ve signed a three-lateral agreement with Inter RAO and UMMC on the construction of coal fuelled power plant in Staroutkinsk. Moreover, this is the first in the past ten years decision on the construction of a new generation facility”, -mentioned the Governor. This project will address one more task important for the region – construction of a new water reservoir”.

It is planned that already on July 16 an agreement will be signed about the establishment of a biomedical cluster in the Middle Ural. “This is very important for our companies. This also very well agrees with the regional program of the pharmaceutical sector development”, explained the Governor.

The day before Innoprom-2011 hosted a large conference of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, bringing together about 200 authors of projects for the ASI. “The main question was- how can we generate demand for innovation? This is, in general, our most important task – creation of conditions where it would be profitable to be in innovative business in the Urals, where people would not be afraid to invest into new developments”, - mentioned the Head of the Middle Ural. This problem is addressed, among other things, by means of setting up a system of risk insurance. “ This is something we should concentrate upon this year”, - added the Head of the region.

“Innoprom”, according to the firm belief of the Governor may become one of the floors for discussing ways of addressing this problem, and, in fact, it has already become such a forum. According to Alexander Misharin by the time of the next exhibition it is necessary to involve the industry associations and unions more actively, because it is often they who are the generators of new projects and developments. “Ekaterinburg-Expo” by the time of Innoprom-2012 will get a new modern congress hall, and exhibition floors will meet the up-to-date international standards, and, as such, it will be suitable for organizing large international fairs and exhibitions. “We already have four applications for exhibitions to be held this year”, - said the Governor. He expressed his confidence, that there will be even more events, especially since the expo-center facilities are also suitable for organizing large concerts.

Alexander Misharin also said that already today the independent expert community is performing a review of Ekaterinburg as the possible location for hosting EXPO-2020.

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