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Dear exhibitors, business program participants, and visitors of the Main Industrial Trade Fair in Russia INNOPROM-2019!

In order to attend INNOPROM-2019, you need to register on the exhibition website and collect your badge at registration stands located in the main entrance area of IEC Ekaterinburg-Expo.

Visitor registration and badge collection procedures for various categories of exhibition participants:


Dear visitors of the exhibition!  


July 8–10, 2019 the entrance fee is 350 rubles.

July 11, 2019 free admission with online registration in advance, or 350 rubles if you purchase a ticket at the exhibition.

To visit the event for free on July 12, 2019 please register online and then pick up your visitor's badge.

There are several options of receiving a badge:

  • • Print out the electronic ticket in your personal account and exchange it for the VISITOR badge at registration desks located at the main entrance to Ekaterinburg-EXPO IEC on the following dates:

Attention! Visitors who have registered for July 11, 2019 cannot enter the exhibition on July 8 - 10, 2019.

Children aged 10 to 14 years can only visit the exhibition in the company of adults. Children below 10 years can only visit the exhibition within organized group routes with parents and a professional guide.  

Download registration guide for visitors

Download registration guide for VIP-participants


Dear participants!

To visit the event you need to register online. After the registration, the company needs to fill in forms for its employees' badges in the personal account.

You can pick up name badges at registration desks located at the main entrance to Ekaterinburg-EXPO IEC.

There are several options of receiving a badge:

  • Personally (please present your passport)
  • By an authorized person (please present your passport and a power of attorney printed out from the personal account and certified by the signature and stamp of the organization's manager (other power of attorney formats are not accepted)).
You can pick up VIP badges at the VIP registration desk.

You can pick up badges at registration desks located at the main entrance to Ekaterinburg-EXPO IEC on advance registration days or in the operation days of the exhibition and the forum. To ensure your maximum convenience and save time please pick up your badges on advance registration days.

Download registration guide for exponents

Download registration guide for delegations

Mass media  

Dear colleagues!

Before filling in a registration application please take care to read the Rules of mass media representatives' accreditation at INNOPROM-2018 and and the Formal Policy on References – see Media section on the website,For Media subsection.

To visit the event, you need to:
1. Get accreditation as mass media  within INNOPROM registration system; note that:

  • If you have previously registered for INNOPROM as mass media and you already have a Personal Account, please use it.
  • If you do not remember the login and password to your personal account please contact the admin.
  • If you have not registered previously you need to enter your e-mail that you are going to use subsequently and a password convenient for you.

2.     After going through mass media accreditation and its confirmation you need to fill in applications for badges for all your employees in the Personal Account.

  • Please fill in all fields of the registration application, especially the fields marked with * symbol. Please take care to spell your personal data correctly: the information you provide will be printed on your badge.

3. Information on the status of your request for accreditation as well as other additional data will be available in your Personal Account and also sent to the e-mail you provide for the accreditation.


Download registration guide for press

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