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Match Making – interactive platform for making an appointment

  • Online MatchMaking system is an interactive platform for partner search and business appointment scheduling which helps its users establish useful contacts, find partners, and locate relevant goods and services prior to the beginning of an event.

MatchMaking system helps its users:

  • Make the most of their time at the event
  • Establish useful contacts long before the beginning of the event
  • Find potential partners
  • Locate exhibition participants representing relevant products or services in advance
  • Schedule an appointment before or during the exhibition and coordinate the negotiations agenda

In order to take advantage of the service, users need to consent to the use of the Matchmaking system when completing employee badge registration through the PERSONAL ACCOUNT.

Participants will be provided with individual PERSONAL ACCOUNTs for creating personalized Exhibition programs based on available business events and appointments. Personalized programs can be printed out before the beginning of the event or sent to an e-mail account.

  • Sponsors
  • Business program partners
  • Organizers

  • Operator
  • Recommended builder
  • Service Partner